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Top 4 Travel Destinations to Visit in 2021

To say the events of 2020 destroyed our travel plans will be putting it mildly. Our dream holiday plans for the year were turned upside down by the lock-downs and worldwide travel restrictions due to the pandemic.

We have been trying to stay travel inspired even though just like you we had to cope with the disappointment of cancelled flights and our favorite destinations shutting their borders . We all eagerly wait for a time when we can all fly to our favorite destinations

We have come up with our top destinations based on current travel restrictions, ease of Visa issuance and flight cost. I know what you’re thinking only 4?. Well we have tried to be as realistic as possible taking into considerations of the factors mentioned above.

Enjoy reading our top travel destinations for 2021 to inspire your own getaway next year!


Turkey is known as a gateway to two continents, Europe and Asia both meet in the city of Istanbul a city with the largest bazaars, lovely architecture which highlights the many civilizations which influenced Turkey. The Romans, Greeks and Persians were here centuries ago. The Turkish country side is breathtaking the view of the terraces of Pamukkale and the basalt chimneys of Cappadocia with the hot air balloons hovering above the golden skyline is one of a kind.

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2. Egypt

The land of the Pharaoh’s is a holiday makers dream, there is so much to see, so many places to be in Egypt. Imagine living by one of the amazing Nile resorts with a view of centuries-old monuments like the pyramids of Giza, the great Sphinx and the valley of the Kings close by.

You can also catch the magic by Nile by cruising the Nile on a boat, from here you’ll get a different perspective of these great archaeological wonders were meant to be seen.

Its not all ancient sites and tales of pharaohs past. Egypt’s red sea coastline and its pristine beaches are simply awesome its a very popular area for tourist from Europe, Ukraine and Russia. There are lots of resort cities to stay when visiting Egypt’s Red Sea Riviera.

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3. Kenya

Known for its Savannah, lake-lands and rift valley, Kenya is one of the most visited places in Africa. Lovers of wildlife visit Kenya all year round to catch a glimpse of wild life like Lions, Elephants and Rhinos. There are lots of Safaris that take tourist from Nairobi the capital city to game reserves most notable the Maasai Mara Reserve. If you are lucky to be here at the right time of the year you’ll witness the annual migration of wild animals like Zebras, Rhinos and Elephants this happens around July to October.

Mombasa Kenya’s second largest city which borders the Indian ocean has the some of the best beaches and resorts on the continent. The coastline of Mombasa appeal to travelers visiting Kenya in search of sun, sand and surf.

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4. Dubai

Undoubtedly the best city to live in on earth, Dubai is a must see for every tourist. The tricky part of a trip to Dubai is that there are so many attractions one visit to this city is never enough. Have fun skydiving, watersport, desert safaris and some of the most amazing water and music shows found anywhere in the world. Its the best travel destination if you are traveling with kids. They’ll love the water parks, Legoland Dubai and Motion Gate Dubai

Dubai is a shoppers heaven with the Dubai Mall being the largest mall in the world.Here you find exclusive designs and fashion brands over one roof. 

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Thats it for now folks! start planning your trips for 2021

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